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How we test for disease

Pelvic Cancer Screening

Pelvic cancers are the third most common form of malignancy for women in the UK: they include endometrial, ovarian and cervical cancers. Tumours in the pelvis can reach a large size before they cause symptoms or are detected. Endometrial cancer (cancer of the uterus, or womb) is on the rise. Often the first sign is abnormal bleeding, but earlier diagnosis can be made by scanning.

Ovarian cancer has often spread by the time it is diagnosed. There are many women for whom an earlier scan in response to minor common symptoms could have caught their cancer at a less advanced stage.

Cervical smear tests, combined with HPV (human papillomavirus) testing, can be organised.

The Advanced Screening Centre difference: Multiparametric 3T MRI

This sophisticated MRI imaging can detect a pelvic mass earlier. It is available in just a few centres in the UK. However, our clients can benefit from this non-invasive technology which we know can detect ovarian and endometrial cancers at a stage where they can be effectively treated.

What happens if we detect pelvic cancer symptoms?

We would emphasise that many abnormalities detected through scans do not need to be treated. Our Clinical Board experts will evaluate all the factors and make the clinical decision, then make sure you are referred promptly to a top consultant if required, or liaise personally with your GP.