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How we test for disease

Cardiovascular Disease

Heart attack and stroke remain the biggest threats to health. The key is to establish your “lifetime risk”, based on your test results profile, and to reduce that risk through lifestyle changes and drug treatments where necessary.

Conventional methods of screening for cardiovascular disease include blood tests, blood pressure measurement, ECG and exercise testing, sometimes with a CT scan to assess the state of your arteries.

The Advanced Screening Centre difference: Lifetime Risk Evaluation

The Advanced Screening Centre uses an innovative risk calculator, based on the latest UK guidelines, to evaluate your “heart age” and risk of future heart attack and stroke. More detailed assessment of your heart and arteries may be recommended using ultrasound, CT or MRI. We carry out:

CT Coronary Calcium Score
• Low-level X-ray is used to detect and measure calcified plaque in the walls of the arteries. A calcium score is then calculated to indicate the extent of any disease.

Cardiac MRI
• Using no radiation, cardiac MRI detects structural problems, measures blood flow and assesses the function of the heart.

What happens at the end of your assessment?

We will help you “invest in your arteries” by developing a personalised programme for delaying or preventing future heart attack or stroke. If significant problems are detected, our Clinical Board experts are on hand to guide your further specialist treatment.