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How we test for disease

Breast Cancer Screening

NHS statistics suggest that women are better than men at attending screening services and there is a successful NHS breast screening programme. And yet, over 1,000 women in Britain still die each month from the disease.

Mammography (using X-ray) is widely considered to be the best single screening test for abnormalities such as breast lumps, which may then require further investigation to see if they are cancerous.

In the USA, annual breast screening is recommended from age 40. But in the UK, the NHS screens women only every three years from age 47-50. Superior breast cancer survival in the USA justifies their policy.

The Advanced Screening Centre difference: Pioneering Imaging Techniques

Recent huge advances in technology mean that we are able to offer a greatly enhanced service – the first of its kind. You will receive:

• Full field digital/3D mammography: simply the best quality images, with 3D increasing accuracy by 40 per cent.
• Automated density readings: women with high-density breast tissue identified and offered additional ultrasound.
• Automated whole breast ultrasound: ultrasound doubles the accuracy of detection in dense breast tissue. No age barrier (subject to assessment of risk factors and suitability).

What happens if we detect breast cancer symptoms?

Our service is led by one of the UK’s foremost breast radiologists, who will recommend the latest evidence-based care pathways and can refer you to a network of world-class breast cancer surgeons and oncologists.