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How it works

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Before your appointment, we ask you to complete a pre-screening questionnaire. This helps us understand more about your health risks, so we can recommend the most relevant tests for you. We can then book any additional tests needed, to ensure your full screening is completed in one single appointment.

2.Health screening

On the day of the screening, you meet with the specialist screening doctor who undertakes a full medical history and physical examination. This is followed by a range of tests and assessments carried out by our specialist nurse. If you’ve taken the Advanced Screening Full Package option, more specific tests for cancers or cardiovascular disease will be carried out by our team of radiographers.

3.Follow up

Once the results of the tests have been obtained, we provide you with a personalised health report, including tips for reducing health risk, together with a full set of test results and scans. Our specialist GP will spend an hour with you to talk through the report, providing advice on lifestyle changes and treatment options should something be detected. Depending on the nature of tests undertaken, one of our consultants may also go through the results with you.

4.On-going support

Following your screening, we offer a range of follow-up services to keep you on track. Our lifestyle partner, CP+R, will work with you to create a tailored programme of nutrition and exercise that will help you live your life to the full. Should any abnormalities be detected, we offer follow-on consultations, investigations and treatment at The Harley Street Clinic campus

On the day

We ask you to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time. You’ll be given a warm welcome by our nurse and shown into a beautiful private lounge where you’ll be offered a drink and a snack. Afterwards you may want something to eat from our à la carte menu.