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Our Advanced Screening programme

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What does the Advanced Screening cover?

The Advanced Screening Centre provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive screening available. It not only assesses your cardiovascular health, stroke risk and the health of your vital organs but also helps detect the early signs of heart disease and cancer. By detecting disease early, consultants can take action to limit the progression of the disease and improve chances of survival.

In addition to detecting serious and life-threatening diseases, The Advanced Screening Centre is designed to flag a number of other health issues which can have a significant impact on your life.

Packages start at £1,000 (usually £1,350) and a full, bespoke screening will never cost you more than £4,500, no matter how many tests you receive.

In summary, the programme covers:

What are the Advanced Screening options?

Keeping you on track for better health

All clients of the Advanced Screening Centre will receive a complimentary consultation with CP+R, a team of clinical exercise and nutrition specialists who provide uniquely tailored programmes to help you achieve your aims and modify your diet and lifestyle for a healthier, longer life.