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Bilyana Shuman,

an academic, who is married with two children.

After turning 40 and with a family history of asthma, circulation and blood clot problems, I decided it would be good to have a health check. I had no particular health concerns but, as we have a very busy lifestyle travelling frequently because of my husband’s business, screening seemed like a good idea to maintain good health.

We chose to have the screening while back in London at HCA’s The Harley Street Clinic.

I was one of the first patients to be treated at its specialist screening centre and it was a very positive experience.

The day began by filling in a detailed questionnaire about my medical history. The doctor discussed this with me at length and then, using the information, put together a screening programme tailored to my needs.

They recommended only tests that were suitable for me rather than all tests. For example, with no history of breast cancer, detailed breast screening was not necessary, only a physical examination. I found it very reassuring that they were not suggesting scans and tests I didn’t really need.

I underwent blood and urine tests, blood pressure checks, MRI scans to check for cancer and abnormalities, X-rays of the pelvic area, cervical screening and a general physical examination which included my skin, breasts, teeth, ears and eyes.

While I waited for my results, I was served wonderful lunch and drinks, making it feel more like a spa than a medical clinic!

When the results came through – on the day and at the follow-up appointment a few days later –  again the doctor took his time to explain them thoroughly.

I am pleased to say, nothing serious was detected. Tests picked up some thyroid issues, for which they recommended some lifestyle adjustments, and a virus which has since gone away, but otherwise I got the all clear.

“I would recommend the service to anyone. I was particularly impressed by how personalised the screening programme was”

However, I must admit, I feel much better having gone through the process.

My husband has also now been there for screening, which identified slightly higher cholesterol levels which he was not aware of and which he has since successfully treated.

We received a copy of all the results so we can show them to doctors wherever we are in the world.

It has definitely given us peace of mind and we plan to go back on a regular basis to make sure that, if we do have any health issues, we detect and address them early.