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No other screening provider can match the level of expertise of The Advanced Screening Centre at The Harley Street Clinic. Many of our consultants advise international committees and health ministers on their screening strategies. They are world-renowned experts in diagnosis and treatment for cancer and disease, driving change and innovation in medicine.

Working with your screening specialist and overseeing your reports, they will guide you and your GP. Whatever the outcome of your advanced screening tests, you will benefit from the very best in healthcare expertise and a service that is simply not available anywhere else.

"Screening for coronary artery disease using MRI technology is at the cutting edge of diagnostics. It is especially exciting to be involved with the Advanced Screening Centre programme because, through studying our outcomes data, we have the potential to determine standards for the future as well as to benefit the lives of our clients."
  • Consultant Cardiologist
  • The Heart Hospital, University College Hospital London and the Royal Free Hospital
  • Specialist in non-invasive cardiac imaging (MRI and echocardiography) and maternal cardiology