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The Harley Street Clinic

The Advanced Screening Centre is based at The Harley Street Clinic, in London. The Harley Street Clinic is a complex care hospital specialising in cancer, heart disease and neuroscience.

In the heart of London’s premier medical district, we diagnose and treat adults, children and babies from across the UK.

Our health screening programme is reviewed regularly to ensure it is in line with the latest clinical thinking and we use equipment and techniques that are not readily available elsewhere. Add to that, a team of specialist consultants, many of whom consult government ministers on their screening strategies, and you couldn’t be in safer hands.

HCA Healthcare UK

The Harley Street Clinic is in turn part of the world’s largest private hospital group, HCA Inc. With six leading private hospitals in London, and an array of outpatient clinics, HCA Healthcare UK delivers more than 800,000 health interventions a year.


Our Location

The Advanced Screening Centre is located at 114a Harley Street, a bespoke and exclusive division of our wider diagnostic service. If you need any tests or scans outside the ones listed (eg x-ray, ultrasound, cardiac tests), we can arrange for you to have these on-site at our Diagnostic Centre next door.

During your stay, you will have access to a private lounge offering a wide selection of snacks and meals via our à la carte menu, free of charge. The lounge comes equipped with newspapers, free Wi-Fi and television.  Your dedicated Screening Representative will be there for you throughout the day to assist with your every need.

Our Equipment

We offer the very best in diagnostic imaging, with expert consultants on hand to interpret the results and discuss these with you.

High-resolution, 3D and other enhancements in MRI, CT and X-ray machines have transformed the landscape in diagnostic imaging for cancer screening. Not only can we spot abnormalities much more easily than before, we are also better able to assess their potential to do you harm.

Our technology poses minimal or no risk in terms of radiation dosage. Problems of over-diagnosis (for example, picking up small insignificant cysts) are minimised. Similarly, cardiovascular assessments are evaluated by leading experts using innovative software, followed by ultrasound, CT or MRI where indicated.

Our Location & Facilities

Our discreet luxury clinic is based in Devonshire Street, adjacent to the Harley Street Clinic Diagnostic Centre. We offer a 5 star environment, with access to a host of onsite tests at the centre next door


The Advanced Screening Centre

114a Harley Street, London W1G 7JL

(Entrance on Devonshire St, between Harley St & Portland Place)

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